Lake Street Cafe (Elkhart Lake)

Rating: A

Although the pictures I have from Lake Street aren’t stellar, the food really did taste good, and we had the pizza a different time when it was less overcooked, although it was really good the time it was overcooked too. I would definitely recommend this place. It has a dining area, a big bar, and outdoor seating area, and a really great menu. I loved the goat cheese salad and the pizza.

This was the bacon and brussels sprouts pizza. Yum...

This was the veggie pizza

One more :)

I also loved that they had a cute little photobooth in the restaurant.  I'm a total sucker for photobooths, as evidenced below :)

The Paddock Club

Rating: A+

(Roasted Pork Shoulder. So Tender and flavorful!)

I am completely obsessed with the Paddock Club. Please excuse my horrible photography, but this place is so worth the trip if you’re anywhere near it, including Chicago. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Chicago to Elkhart Lake, but this place in itself is worth the trip, not to mention the cute little town it’s in.
Everything they do is farm to table and beautifully presented. It’s not too “high concept” food. It’s just delicious, high quality, American food with the best flavors ever. Everything tastes so fresh!
They have everything listed that’s gluten free on their menu with a little wheat symbol (BEWARE: It says the skinny fries are gluten free, but they share a fryer. Luckily they told me that before they served them to me. I really appreciated it)
I ate there three times the last time I was in town, and the menu changed by the third day a bit, so they really live up to creating and bringing in fresh ingredients. Rest assured that EVERYTHING is delicious!

Pics Below:
Nectarine and Goat Cheese Salad

This salad was so fresh and amazing. They’re all great though!


This was really good and flavorful. The only complaint I have is that the pan-seared part of the fish was a little tough. It could have broken apart more easily, but the flavor was great

Hanger Steak

I didn’t actually eat this myself because I hate onions, but I heard glowing reviews from a person who almost never praises food or restaurants, so it must be a winner.

OF COURSE, the picture I took of THE BEST THING ON THE MENU didn’t turn out (Not that any of them did, but that one was impossible to make out), but it was definitely the Filet Mignon with celery root potato puree, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, and veal sauce in my opinion. I would drive three hours to get that right now. Go get it ASAP!


AMAZING Panna Cotta. So flavorful and fresh

Banana Split

Who doesn’t love a Banana Split with homemade ice cream and fresh fruit?! I don’t want to meet that person….ever.