Rating: B-

This is a cute little french cafe/coffee shop really close to CinCin. They had so many delicious-looking desserts (not GF) and delicious-looking cappuccinos (I didn’t partake), but I was told their Macarons were delicious. They did look really good, but they didn’t really live up to their reputation. If you’re in the area, I would say stop by for a cappuccino and maybe a Macaron if you’re really in the mood.
The Macarons were pretty big, but they didn’t taste almond’y enough, and there was too much filling. Also, they were definitely too sweet, and that’s coming from a person who LOVES sweets.

Lemon Cherry

This was a weird combination and only a mediocre flavor. There was actually a whole cherry in the middle, which was interesting, but I still wasn’t impressed.


If you don’t know already, coconut and chocolate are my two favorite things in the world, so for this not to taste great was a COMPLETE shock to me, but it is definitely only okay. :(