Green (San Antonio)

Rating: A

Yep...those nachos were as good as they look.

I ended up here with my friend after initially trying to go to Cappy's, another local restaurant, that initially said they had gluten free options but when we arrived, was really limited. I was so pleasantly surprised by Green. They're located in the Pearl Brewery area. Another friend of mine had mentioned that they had the best gluten free cupcakes in San Antonio, but I had kind of forgotten. Even though I ate WAY TOO MUCH, I still got a cupcake (Elvis Flavor), and it was, in fact, the most delicious cupcake I've had in San Antonio.  I liked it because it wasn't too sweet.  I was planning on just eating half of it but it was a can't-stop situation. It happens. Anyway, I would 100% recommend this restaurant. The staff was so nice and accomodating. We ordered the nachos, and then I ordered the Monk's Bowl. Both were great.

Nachos (With regular cheese. They have vegan cheese as an option if you prefer. These were so good, and luckily, their corn chips are gluten free because they're from a bag.)



Monk's Bowl.  It came with a delicious assortment of black and pinto beans, and the kale had a delicious, sort of sweet asian flavor.  The combination of all of the flavors was great, and I would definitely order this again.  Do yourself a favor if you're in San Antonio, and go check out Green at the Pearl Brewery.