Corner Table (Houston)

Rating: A

I can't believe there's a restaurant in Houston that specializes in Paleo and gluten free cuisine AND tastes amazing AND is presented beautifully.  I LOVE this place. Corner table is beautifully decorated with really cool chandeliers and an upscale vibe, but there's nothing pretentious about it.  The only thing I didn't like was that it smelled kind of old like your great-grandmothers house (or at least mine). I wish I could have tried more things on the menu, but I will definitely be back.  I would have to say my favorite item was the Kale and Quinoa Salad, but I loved everything.


warm kale, blistered tomatoes, organic quinoa and mozzarella, finished with balsamic reduction




smooth puree of cauliflower, leeks and garlic,drizzled with coconut milk and cilantro

I loved how healthy this was.  I'm trying to eat more turmeric and since I've learned that you can't absorb the turmeric without pepper, this seemed like the perfect thing to order.


butternut squash noodles, zucchini, spinach,Portobello mushrooms and cashew ricotta

This presentation of this was so cute, and I loved the flavors.