Benjy's Houston (Rice Village Location)

Rating: A

The Pork Carnitas Tostadas These were by far the best thing I had at Benjy’s. I went back the next day just to order them again. You have to try these!

I arrived in Houston starving and had to get to an event right away, so I was pleasantly surprised when the hotel concierge recommended Benjy’s, and they just happened to have a GLUTEN FREE MENU. I was even more pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. Seriously, I may go back to Houston just to get these Pork Carnitas again (see above). I started with the Kale Salad, which was AMAZING! So flavorful. It reminded me a little bit of the Kale Salad at the Forge in Miami. The salad came with grapefruit, cheese, and “granola” which was actually just a bunch of toasted/dehydrated seeds melded together. I would love to replicate this sometime.

Kale salad was amazing!!

Milton’s Warm 10 Vegetable Salad

Milton’s Warm 10 Vegetable Salad with Chicken This salad was so delicious. Unfortunately, I had to send it back the first time because they put the “fried cauliflower” on it (which is fried in the same fryer as breaded items) but it was worth the wait and then some. Make sure you mention this if you order. I love when the chicken on a salad is warm and there was a charred/smoky flavor to the chicken. The lemon vinaigrette was delicious as well. I also tried the Texas Omelette This omelette was disappointing compared to everything else, and the potatoes were less than stellar. I would definitely recommend the grits as a side. I had those the next day with the Shrimp & Grits (Also amazing) and they were much better. The omelette was just okay, and the sauce on top was just okay also. Definitely order something else when you go here.