High Tea at the Rosewood Hotel

Rating: B+

I'm not sure if it was just our reservation time, but it seemed like their High Tea service was sort of an afterthought. There was almost no one there, and the service still wasn't great. The gluten free options were also only okay compared to other High Teas I've had in London. I think this is definitely a viable option but wouldn't be my first choice if I were going to do High Tea again. The scones were GREAT though, so maybe I would go back... :)

High Tea at the Ritz London

Rating: A+

Okay, so I just had to add this because of how spectacular it was. I have always wanted to go to London and have tea at the Ritz, and I finally got a chance to do it. I assumed I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything, but they were incredibly accommodating and were able to give me everything everyone else ate, except for a few items. My favorite part was all of the delicious tea sandwiches (ham and mustard, egg salad, cucumber/mayo, tuna, etc.) The sweets were really good as well, but I was so full by that time that I didn’t really enjoy them. We did the Champagne and Cake tasting, which included an entire cake at the end (completely unnecessary to do this one after all they give you to eat, but it was still really nice). If you’re ever in London and want to splurge on Traditional English tea, go here!