Food From Holland & Barret and Monoprix

I’m not sure if you can get any of this stuff in the US (I’ve seen these brands in the US, but not these products), so I’m posting it here so you can look for it when you’re in London. Holland & Barrett is an awesome little health food store with a huge gluten free section. For research purposes of course ;), I had to try everything.

Schar Biscotti

These were great with my morning Lattes. I love that whole putting-chocolate-on-one-side-of-cookies/biscuits that the Europeans do. These dissolve really quickly if dipped in the coffee, but I thoroughly enjoyed them :) All of them.... :(


Chocolate Rice Cakes

I got these at Monoprix in Paris, but I’m putting them here anyway. Good if you’re in the mood for rice cakes. I prefer the ones from London that just have chocolate on the top, but these are really good as well.


Mrs. Crimble’s Chocolate Macaroon

Other than the fact that these are a little too sweet, these are perfect chocolate macaroons. I really like a lot of products by Mrs. Crimble’s.


Glutafin Digestive Biscuits

These were delicious and not to sweet. Amazing with my morning coffee and really filling. I would highly recommend these. I got these in London as well.


Glutafin Custard Creams

I usually don’t like vanilla cookies, but these were amazing! Perfectly sweet and perfect texture.


Mrs. Crimble’s Cheese Crackers

These crackers were really great on their own, but the cheddar flavor made them somewhat difficult to pair with cheese because the flavor overpowered the flavor of the cheese. I really liked them though.


Mrs. Crimble’s Original Cheese Bites

These were really light and flaky, but tasted EXACTLY LIKE GOLDFISH :) I was so excited!


Salted Caramels from Hotel Chocolat

A lot of the chocolates in Hotel Chocolat (near the Savoy) are gluten free and these were my favorite. They were like salted caramel truffles. I also tried the coconut truffles, which were amazing as well. When you go into Hotel Chocolat, they give you a free sample of the salted milk chocolate squares (delicious). They were sold out of those when I was there, but the store is awesome. You should check it out for sure.

High Tea at the Ritz London

Rating: A+

Okay, so I just had to add this because of how spectacular it was. I have always wanted to go to London and have tea at the Ritz, and I finally got a chance to do it. I assumed I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything, but they were incredibly accommodating and were able to give me everything everyone else ate, except for a few items. My favorite part was all of the delicious tea sandwiches (ham and mustard, egg salad, cucumber/mayo, tuna, etc.) The sweets were really good as well, but I was so full by that time that I didn’t really enjoy them. We did the Champagne and Cake tasting, which included an entire cake at the end (completely unnecessary to do this one after all they give you to eat, but it was still really nice). If you’re ever in London and want to splurge on Traditional English tea, go here!