Postcards (Kauai)

Rating: A-/B+

I had heard about “Postcards” cafe before going to Kauai on Gluten Free blogs and Yelp, etc., so I already knew they had a gluten free menu.  This place was really healthy and really good.  The only downfall was that their “organic” lettuce had a weird-looking worm-think in it, and they told me “it happens all the time” and tried to make me pay for my salad.  Other than that(I know. Disgusting), it was amazing.  I especially liked the scallops and the carrot ginger puree.  I was too full by the time dessert came around, but apparently they have a great gluten free dessert menu in addition to their great dinner options.  It’s a really nice, laid-back, candle-lit setting that you could wear whatever you want to, so I would definitely recommend it, even with the worm-in-the-salad experience.  I also heard that BarAcuda was really accommodating and good in terms of GF as well in addition to the Hanalei Dolphin (they don’t carry GF soy sauce though) and The Garden Restaurant.(Has a GF menu)  Unfortunately I ate the room service burger too many times to get to try these places, but I heard great things.