Kilauea Fish Market (Kauai)

Rating: A/A+

We were still kind of checking things out this day, and we heard that the Kilauea FIsh Market was really good and fresh and that I could get Gluten Free Fish Tacos there.  This was true, and they were Awesome.  The garlic sauce that they use is gluten free, and even though it was really casual and there were a bunch of teenagers working there, they were very knowledgeable about gluten and were able to give me great GF Ono Tacos.  Everything tasted really fresh and we had a great time.  I neglected to take a picture of the tacos before I ate them because I was so hungry (woops), but below is what it looks like from the outside.  Obviously very casual, but definitely worth a visit and really close to a health food store for packing up on GF room supplies.