Trader Joe's Coconut Granola

Rating: A/A-

I was pleasantly surprised by this granola. I usually like to eat Purely Elizabeth's grain-free granola, but this is actually pretty good, and I was surprised at how little sugar it had for how sweet it tastes. I also like letting it soak so the cornflakes get soggy, almost like a muesli. I will definitely be buying it again as I love EVERYTHING coconut-flavored.


Super Rebbl Herbs Drinks

For some reason, I have just always been attracted to these drinks. I'm not sure if it's just their packaging or what, but they're all good. You have to be careful because some of them have too much sugar, but most of them have 5 grams or less.  I tried both of these the last time I was in San Antonio, and they were both delicious. Just make sure you read the label.

Majestic Sprouted Hummus

Rating: A/A-

All of the food bloggers that I follow seem to love this stuff, so when I went to LA, I had to try it. It's much thicker and creamier than any other hummus I've had. The girl working at Whole Foods, after I had already bought this flavor, told me that the Garlic flavor was her favorite. I didn't get a chance to try it, but I would maybe suggest getting that one if you have to choose one flavor.