Tipsy Cake

Rating: B+

Tipsy Cake is located at 1944 N. Damen. This cute little bakery gets great reviews from the non-gluten free crowd. After talking to them, I found out that they prepare their gluten free items elsewhere (they basically took over for Bleeding Heart Bakery’s gluten free crowd), and I felt safe ordering from here. My first experience with the bakery was a gluten free cake tasting. When I say awful, it still doesn’t describe how bad this cake was (keep reading, though, because better items follow). The presentation was great. As you can see below, we tried Chocolate cake with strawberry, white cake with passion fruit, and lemon cake with butter cream frosting. To their credit, their frostings are good. They just REALLY need to work on their cake recipes. The chocolate ganache and the almond-flavored frosting were the best things on the plate. I literally didn’t take more than a bite of anything except those, even though I really wanted my money’s worth. It was that bad. This is what I wrote when I was eating it to made sure I remembered:
“Cake was dry, dense, and had horrible flavor. Almost more of a savory taste. Possibly garbanzo bean flour in there. Only good thing on the plate was chocolate ganache, the strawberry filling was decent as well as the almond filling. Felt like I went back to the infancy of gluten free baked goods when everything was awful and tasted like cardboard.”


Anyway, moving on.... The woman who made the cakes found out I didn’t like the tasting and offered to do another one that was grain free...Basically just meringue cakes and french macaroons. I was hesitant to even go back to this place, but I’m so glad I did. She called the cake she made a daquoise. It’s like a delicious merinque/angel food cake with a layer of coconut cream/coconut/strawberries.

This cake was so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating it. It’s not the prettiest cake in the world, but it is for sure the most delicious I’ve had in a while. That layer of sliced strawberries really adds a lot to it. It’s incredibly delicate and flavorful/fresh-tasting. So, if you’re ordering a gluten free cake from tipsy cake, DON’T ORDER ANY OF THE REGULAR CAKES. Only order this or the delicious macarons.

I love anything french, and these macarons fully lived up to my expectations. The coffee flavoring kind of spread onto some of the other ones, so they don’t look as great as when I first got them, but these were great-tasting, nonetheless. I would totally order these and the meringue-cake-thing again. My favorite flavor of these was the pistachio, followed in a close second by raspberry, and a close third by EVERY OTHER FLAVOR :) Moral of the story: Don’t give up on a bakery after your first try, and never order regular cakes from Tipsy Cake. Only order the second cake I mentioned and the macaroons/macarons. On a side note, the bakery had great coffee and tea, and I loved how they used this cute little Julius Meinl china :)