Do Rite Donuts

Rating: A+

Do-Rite Donuts is my new favorite place in Chicago. They chef makes every effort possible to prevent cross-contamination (changes apron, gloves, different rack and pan, different day of baking, different display case). It’s located at 50 W. Randolph (right in the Loop) and it’s AMAZING! Here is their website. The day I went they had a Lemon donut and a Chocolate-Coconut donut. Since then, I have been WAY TOO MUCH! They usually have 4 gluten free flavors that they change seasonally, but they always have Valrhona Chocolate. My favorite flavors are:

Update: 2/1/16:

I went here over Christmas, and actually, I'm just going to admit it....I go here WAY TOO OFTEN. I just wanted to show this picture of the delicious seasonal peppermint doughnut they had when I was there. I thought I would hate it, but it was actually amazing. Go here ASAP!

Peppermint. Sounds gross. Tastes amazing!

Peppermint. Sounds gross. Tastes amazing!

Valrhona Chocolate *(Definitely the best.  Especially when it's warm.  Sometimes I will bring them home and warm them up in the oven if they're not warm when I get them there)

Cinnamon Sugar

Chocolate Peanut Butter (When they have it)

See pics below

This is the gluten free display case (completely separate) I got both donut options. What else would I have done? :) Since then, they have really expanded their options.  There is now a Streeterville location and four GF flavors every day.  Did I already say that I LOVE THIS PLACE a little too much?

More pics.....

I definitely liked the chocolate coconut donut the best, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lemon. I didn’t expect to like it at all, and it was actually really nicely-done. It had candied lemon peels on top and a great lemony flavor. Both donuts tasted more like cake donuts than the Krispy-Kreme airy type, but they weren’t too thick or cakey. They were amazing!!!!!!