Luscious Layers Bakery

A- (but decoration-wise, A+)

I went to this little bakery to do a cake tasting. They do gluten free cakes, but they are special request only as they have to do a lot to prep and prevent cross contamination beforehand. I have to say that the cake tasted a little dried out and firm, but I was assured that it was because it had been sitting out as individual slices for a while in addition to being chilled, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.
The flavor of the cake itself was a mixed bag, but the strawberry and the chocolate were both delicious. The red velvet was also really moist, but I guess maybe I’m not the biggest red velvet fan. The lemon cake was not very good, but the filling was great. Pic below:

The top left flavor was lemon cake with raspberry and creme filling and cream cheese frosting. The filling and frosting were pretty good, but the cake itself wasn’t

The Top right is the strawberry cake with nutella mousse filling and strawberry frosting. This one was a little firm (like the lemon), but had amazing flavor and who doesn’t love nutella mousse?

The Bottom left is chocolate cake with coconut cream filling, cream cheese frosting, and a little layer of fondant on top so we could try that . This was really moist and delicious, although I wish the cream cheese frosting weren’t quite as sweet.

The bottom right is red velvet cake with strawberries and cream filling and chocolate frosting. This was also really good and moist.

The little dish in the middle is just a sample of their buttercream frosting, which was good, although I’m more of a fan of cream cheese frosting.

If you need a cake for a special occasion, I would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the city!