Hi-Vibe Superfood Juicery

Hi-Vibe is SO GOOD, but so ridiculously expensive. I get it. They're using really high quality ingredients, and I totally suck it up and pay when I can, but just keep that in mind before you go to this place. They have wonderful juices, bulletproof coffee, bulletproof matcha, fresh pressed juices, etc. These chocolate truffles are my favorite thing they have. I'm pretty sure they have brain octane (MCT oil) in them, and they taste like heaven.

Firecakes Chicago

Rating: B-

I finally tried Firecakes the other day.  They have one gluten free option.  It's supposed to be a chocolate donut.  It tastes much more like a chocolate brownie.  I mean, the flavor wasn't bad, but it was a very dense, more brownie or very dense cake-like dessert than a donut. I wasn't impressed at all, and I would definitely never go back unless Do Rite went out of business.  I'm sure they're great at regular donuts, but gluten free is not their forte. I feel like I'm being hard on them, and I definitely appreciate that they have a gluten free option, but Do Rite really blows them out of the water.