Sammy's Pizza (San Diego)

Rating: A

Here is their Website. I really enjoyed this restaurant. It just so happened that it was right by our hotel, so I went there straight from the airport.

This shrimp salad was good but not great. Goat cheese makes everything better, but the shrimp was kind of lukewarm

This chicken caesar salad was much better than the shrimp salad. The dressing was definitely homemade, and it was delish!

This was my favorite part of the whole meal. I seriously can’t say enough about this meatlovers pizza. Delicious toppings! Delicious pizza!! I could have eaten the whole thing myself for sure

This pizza was really good too, but I preferred the other one. This comes in a somewhat close second to Z Pizza in LA/Newport, but in San Diego, Sammy’s Pizza is the best I’ve tried