Sodelushious' Boursin and Bacon Stuffed Chicken




I’ve been following Chrissy Tiegen on Twitter for a while, mostly because she tweets a lot and is relatively funny, but she also has a food blog with delicious-looking food. I finally made one of the recipes tonight, and I’m so happy I did. Since she is following a pretty low-carb diet, a lot of her blog entries are naturally gluten free. This chicken was so easy to make and it tasted delicious. To accompany it, I made THE BEST broccoli recipe I have ever found. My sister showed me it. The recipe is Here. The recipe for the chicken can be found Here. Below are some pictures of the general process. You basically just pound the chicken, paint it with boursin cheese, top it with bacon, roll it, and then roll the entire thing in pancetta, and you’re done. My pictures are nowhere near as good as hers, but here are some pics of the process: