LLBalanced Tofu Eggplant Bake

Rating: A/A-

Okay, so I really liked this recipe. I pretty much love everything Laura Lea makes. I don't love the eggplant aspect, but I still think it tastes great. My husband pretty much hated it, though, mostly because he generally doesn't like tofu, he hates eggplant, and he got sick from it. I won't go into details, but needless to say, I will never make this for him again. I've made it two more times, though, with just the tofu and I really like it. The asian flavors really add a lot to the tofu.

Here is the recipe

Here is my attempt on this one:

This was during the marinating phase

This was during the marinating phase

Final Product :)

Final Product :)

Laura Lea Balanced (LLBalanced) Vegan Taco Meat

Rating: A

I can't figure out why these are so addictive, but they really are. I used siete cassava and coconut flour tortillas for them, and I have made them three more times already. If you use the parchment paper when you roast the vegetables, there's really not all that much cleanup either. I added some sauteed spinach, butter lettuce mix, and salsa to mine. Yum!

Here is the RECIPE

And here is my final product (could be prettier, I know, but I'd rather live my life than have perfect photos). :)