The Londoner's 100 Calorie Brownies



I started following The Londoner, a blog that this girl in London with an impossibly spectacular lifestyle has, and I can’t stop. I even like her. :) Anyway, she posted this Brownie recipe on her site. It obviously looks much better on her site than mine, but I adapted the recipe a bit more to my liking. These brownies were so moist and delicious. I didn’t wait long enough to see what would happen the next day, but they were really rich and flavorful, and at ~100 calories/brownie (if you divide the pan into 9 brownies), I fully approve.


• (3/4 cup) Low fat yogurt (I used 2% greek yogurt mixed with regular low fat yogurt and it came out fine)
• (1/4 cup) Skimmed milk (I used almond milk)
• (1/2 cup) Cocoa powder
• (1/2 cup) Wholegrain Gluten Free rolled oats
• (1/2 cup)
Truvia (I used a little Truvia and a little Madhava coconut sugar (shown below)
• 1 free range egg
• 1 tsp Baking powder
• Pinch of salt
• 150g Roughly chopped pecans (Not sure how much this is) I put one pecan on each of the 9 brownies and then mixed in a big handful or walnuts with the batter. I may have added some chocolate chips as well :)

Pre-heat your oven to 400°F & grease a small baking tray (about 8in x 8in) Throw everything except the nuts into a blender (I used a hand mixer and it came out fine). Blend until smooth. Pour into tray, scatter with nuts & bung it all into the oven for 20mins. (I like more gooey brownies, so I did 17 minutes, and I probably could have don’t less, given that my tray was a little too big)
When they're totally cool, slice them up. The calorie count is based on cutting them into 9 brownies.


This was the sugar I used

Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the brownies once they were cooled and divided. Always too impatient. :) But you can see Rosie, The Londoner’s, beautiful pictures here. :)